Benefits of Multiperspectivalism

I did not know about triperspectivalism until this fall.

In a class, I was required to read John Frame’s “The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God”. At first it was quite heavy and intensive to me. The transcendence and immanence of God look contradictory, but they are both attributes of God, the only one God. The work of God and human’s response are two perspectives of two things.

I have seen people discussing about faith and deeds to a point that they speak without mercy and grace. Perspectivalism provides a good framework to this problem, stating that faith and deeds are two perspective of the same thing. It avoids redundant conflicts.

Multiperspectivalism provides a good tool in theological thinking.

Multiperspectivalism in theology often helps restore the proper balance, because it helps us to see that some doctrines that are apparently opposed are actually equivalent, presenting the same truth from various vantage point.  — John A. Frame, The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, pp. 235.

  • J. M. Frame, “The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God: A Theology of Lordship”, P & R Publishing (1987). [Amazon]

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