Thoughts on Bible Reading Plans

It will be 2016 in a few hours. What is your new year’s resolution?

I suggest putting following a bible reading plan in the coming year!

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105 ESV)

Let me share my thoughts about it. I followed a one-year bible reading plan in 2015, and I think it is a great experience. The plan I followed is the “ESV Daily Bible Reading Plan,” which goes through the whole Bible in one year (and Psalm twice.) It is on four different tracks: Pentateuch and History of Israel, Psalms and Wisdom Literature, Gospels and Epistles, and Chronicles and Prophets. It is around 4 chapters every day.

It is a great experience, with good and bad points:

  1. It allowed me to go through the bible without bias (although twice on Psalms). Very often we tend to emphasize certain books over the others, but such a reading plan enforces me to spend time on the books evenly.
  2. Chinese is my native language. But I read ESV English Bible for this year. ESV is not an easy translation because it is a literal translation. And given the amount of reading every day, I do not think I digest it very much.
  3. Sometimes I lagged behind on schedule (and in fact I am still half-day behind now,) because of various reasons. I think it is a bit tough for me to have reading every day. I would suggest resting for 1 or 2 days in a week.

The coming year I am following a reading plan too, reading on ESV with a truncated version. I have gone through the Bible this year, but in 2016, I want to have a quality read on certain Scriptural texts. I think I will follow the plan from

If you want to pick some other bible reading plans, I highly encourage you to take a look at this page of Ligonier Ministries, which lists a variety of bible reading plans. I was also told by someone about a smartphone app (available in both iOS and Android) that enforces Bible reading plans too:, which the readers can give it a try, and tell me how it is. Chinese readers can refer to this plan from World Wide Bible Society as well.

My Reading Plan in 2015:

  • ESV Daily Bible Reading Plan. [link]
  • 52 Week Bible Reading Plan. [link]
  • Bible Reading Plans for 2016, Ligonier Ministries. [link]
  • Bible Reading Plan from Worldwide Bible Society. [link]

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